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Thuka Hit Mid Sleeper in Blue/Green Trim with Slide.
Thuka Hit Mid Sleeper in Blue/Green Trim with Slide.

RRP: £459.00
Was £399.00
Now £387.00
16% off

Thuka Hit Single Bed with Under Drawer
Thuka Hit Single Bed with Under Drawer

RRP: £329.00
Was £269.00
Now £259.00
21% off

Ladybird Guide Light
Ladybird Guide Light

RRP: £39.00
Was £29.99
Now £19.99
49% off

about us

Childrens Funky Furniture is an online store dedicated to presenting high quality and imaginative children's furniture items. Each product is designed to inspire children of all ages and provide them with a fun, safe and rewarding experience.


With a product range that includes an extensive array of children's furniture, Childrens Funky Furniture is developing a strong reputation for offering parents great value whilst providing children with creative pieces that will inspire their creativity.


Although we offer numerous types of furniture items, our specialty lies in children's furniture. From single beds and bunk beds to mid-sleeper bedsand cabin beds, each one of our beds are fabulously constructed and designed to last.


Featuring a host of vibrant colours and gorgeous finishes our beds have that unique appeal without the extortionate price. Each bed comes with its own distinctive features such as our mid-sleeper beds which include desks, drawers and shelves that are attached directly to the structure of the bed ensuring a comprehensive furniture item. Similarly, our cabin beds come with a display of additional chests of drawers that ensure valuable storage space.

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