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What can I do with the children this summer? – Part Two

This is the second in a series of four blogs that I am writing on “What can I do with the children this summer”. I am going back to basics and defining what the summer holidays should be about for my children. Here are my four aims:

Please read part one for ideas of what to do for pure fun. Now I am moving my focus on to staying active. We all know that we need to be active to stay healthy and well. It is very important for our children’s physical and emotional development. Being active outdoors has the benefit of providing our children with plenty of fresh air, better cardiovascular health and stronger bones. It can also improve academic achievement and enhance concentration.

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What can I do with the children this summer?

It's that time of year again, the summer holidays are looming and all of us are thinking "What can I do with the children this summer?"

The prospect of 6 weeks (or more) with the children can be daunting (I know it is for me), so I have written this blog in four parts, looking at what you can do with the children over the holidays and making an effort to put a plan together that works for all.

I have gone back to basics and defined what I think the summer holidays should be about for the children and have come up with four main aims:

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CFunky Bianco Cabin Bed

Children’s bedroom solutions with the CFunky Bianco range

If you need some inspiration for designing a child’s room, then take a look at CFunky Bianco Range Children's furniture. This beautiful range is made from white washed ash with feint pieces of silver in the wood that gives a decorative effect. The furniture is solid, robust and designed to last. It complies with all European Safety standards making it a safe choice. The range is neutral and will suit both boys and girls.

What basics are required in any children’s bedroom design?

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