10 Stunning Children’s Bedroom Ideas

  • This room demonstrates how a child’s bedroom can be appealing to both the child and parents. It makes use of pastel colours to add interest and complement the functional bed that doubles as a space for homework or even free time.


  • Beds don’t have to follow a standard shape and the use of curves throughout this room creates a “fantasy” like effect whilst remaining functional and tidy.


  • Even children need their storage space and by incorporating lots of it within the bed, there’s all the more room to play in. A rug on top of a hard floor adds comfort and allows for easy cleaning.


  • This design shows how very subtle furniture items can create an exciting and vibrant bedroom when combined with painted walls, colourful duvet covers and other smaller items.


  • A loft space often needs consideration as the roof structure can lead to sloped walls and lower head room. This room uses the sloped wall to introduce a solid colour that may have been left white had there been no slope.


  • The use of cabin and bunk beds can be a real space saving opportunity and allows for more personal space when not sleeping. This room comfortably sleeps two but doesn’t compromise on functionality as both still have personal desks, storage space and importantly, ample floor space.


  • A white theme complemented by colourful smaller items lends itself to a very neat and tidy bedroom environment that’s still suitable for children.


  • A themed room makes it easy for your child to take pride in their room and encourages them to keep it looking tidy whilst also giving them a great place to play and somewhere interesting to sleep. This design incorporates practicality too by including toy box fashioned like a skip.


  • Your princess may want her own palace and that’s completely possible with designs like this. The whole room can take on the theme of the bed using pinks and purples. Subtlety in the choice of colours mean the room doesn’t have to be garish and gaudy.


  • Another example of a boys bedroom with a theme. The bedroom features add significantly to the theme whilst also being functional and practical in their design.


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