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The transition from a cot to a bed

Posted by Karen Rayner on

Taking the decision to move your child from their cot to a bed can be a stressful time for both the child and the parents.

Although there aren't any “rules” as to when you move your child from a cot to a bed; most parents prefer to go by their childs climbing ability, as they start to become more agile, especially trying to climb out of their cot then it will seem a natural parental instinct for your child’s safety.

However if you have purchased a cot bed, then you will avoid this issue. Once you feel your little one needs a larger space to sleep, most cot beds, like our Julian Bowen Cameo Cot Bed, will allow you to easily remove the sides and foot end panel; allowing for a slight familiarity in the place they sleep. The Julian Bowen Cameo Cot Bed matches a wide range of cameo furniture including the full size single bed which would save you money when wanting matching bedroom furniture.

Julian Bowen Cameo Cot Bed             Julian Bowen Cameo Cot Bed        

Another great purchase for your child is a junior bed; these allow for your child to fully grow out of their cot and move into a more grown up bed which will make them feel grown up.      

The Magic Garden Junior Bed, sits close to the ground, making it safer for your little one stepping to and from the bed. This delightfully hand-crafted piece of furniture will add a magical bit of colour to any bedroom, whilst giving your child the larger, required sleeping space they need. 

Magic Garden Junior Bed

The Sunny Safari Junior Bed features a range of recognizable animals, allowing your child’s imagination to run wild. Similar to the Magic Garden junior bed this also sits low down to allow your child easy access to the bed.

Sunny Safari Junior Bed

Keeping a range of familiar items on your little ones new bed will help your child to know that although they no longer have their cot they haven’t lost their favourite things. Even small things like the same pillowcase or bed cover will help their confidence.

Gami Babel Bed with Headboard Storage


The Gami Babel Bed with Headboard Storage, features plenty of space around their sleeping area for their favourite belongings. Toys can then be placed around the outside of the bed to make your little one more comfortable in their new sleeping environment.


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