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Nuna Sena Travel Cot

Posted by Karen Rayner on

Nuna Sena Travel Cot Safari

I have tested the Nuna Sena travel cot in navy myself personally as I have been looking for a top quality travel cot for several months for my grandson Joshua, aged 7 months. I attend the baby shows regularly looking for different pieces of nursery furniture and accessories to add to my website Childrens Funky Furniture . Since my daughter’s wonderful pregnancy announcement last year I have expanded my baby nursery furniture and accessories to ensure there is a better choice of quality products that are a star buy for your little ones too!

I am by no means very technical and every travel cot I tested at the baby trade show, I found it very difficult to collapse and erect with ease. I have read a lot of reviews on travel cots and most mummies were talking about the struggle to put them up and down. I wanted something of top quality and comfort for Joshua to sleep in at night and for daytime naps which ensured complete safety so hence my search to discover Nuna.

Nuna Sena Travel Cot

I cannot stress the quality and simplicity of both the mini and large Nuna Sena travel cots. You can choose for your little one the best size to suit your needs. The mini is suitable from birth to 18 months and the large from birth to 15Kg. When I first looked at a travel cot for Joshua he was 4 months old. Myself and my daughter chose the larger Sena travel cot to last Joshua a lot longer to get our money’s worth! Bassinet part in both cots can be used from birth until your little one starts to sit up then the base must be dropped down for safety. Great added feature it can also be used as a play space!

The warm soft organic fabric is easily Wipeable adding to the luxury and comfort of the quilted mat which is thicker than most mats I saw. The clever zig zag system allows it to fold simply into its carrying bag to be easily stored away. See how easy the Nuna Sena travel cot is to assemble and collapse, in just seconds.

I have the ease of changing and dressing Joshua by using the baby changer which fits across the top of either the mini or large travel cot which you can purchase as an extra. If travelling abroad and taking your Nuna Sena travel cot with you, you can purchase an insect net to give extra protection whilst your baby is sleeping to help stop and protect against insect bites.

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