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Let your little one loose in the kitchen

Posted by Karen Rayner on

Letting your little one loose in the kitchen to bake delicious treats for the family.
Baking is a wonderful way to spark a lifelong love of the kitchen in your children & if like me, you love cooking and spending quality time with your children, why not combine the two and teach your little one a lifelong skill? It may be messy but it’ll be fun!
If you are worrying about where to start, why not browse our store for your little ones own toy kitchen? Here you can teach them where all components lie and their main functions; allowing you to be confident that you’re not placing them in danger when they enter the kitchen.


Smoby Tefal Super Chef Kitchen

The key to a successful bake with your child is to keep it simple. This allows your child to be involved in most of the process from weighing out the ingredients and combining them together. Remember as the parent you have control of the situation so you can always step in at any point to ensure the process is done thoroughly.
Why not try something like Fairy Cakes as a first bake and as you both get more confident in working together, why not try Chocolate Cupcakes? - for a great cupcake design knead food colouring into shop bought marzipan, roll it out onto a dusted surface and let your little ones use a variety of cutters to create different shapes.
Another great product to make is cookies as they are easy to make and great fun to decorate - remember this isn't you baking so the shape & design doesn't have to be perfect.
Sweets such as Dolly Mixtures & Buttons make great toppings for any cakes, but fruit is also a great way to keep the balance in your child’s diets; raspberries or strawberries work just as well as any sugary option.
The most important thing to remember when baking with children is to let the mess happen. If that is your worst fear whilst baking think of ways to contain any possible messes, like placing a large tray underneath any sprinkling or mixing.
As well as helping with your child’s cooking skills, their time keeping skills are imperative, why not browse the store for a funky personalised clock to help your little one confidently distinguish the time? Or let your little chef display the finished product on our table & chair set. Allowing your little one to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in something Mummy or Daddy helped them learn & as we all know children love learning!

Handmade Lighthouse Clock     Green Table and Four Chair Set          


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