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Half term is over, now it’s back to the school routine

Posted by Karen Rayner on

After a less than productive half-term it can be a struggle to convince your children, young or old, to get back into a routine and prepare themselves for a busy term at school.

Although they will be starting the school term with a less than positive attitude it is important to remember that once a positive mentality is gained your child needs to keep it; not only is it helpful for your child but it benefits their friends and teachers mentality of them as a pupil. A positive attitude can also help efficiency, making the rest of the school year fly by.

As we all know, school can be frustrating when work of varying lengths are given out before the half-term and the mounds of paper-work never seem to get smaller. However, before your child decided to tackle it all in one go, help them get organized. Make sure they have a separate binder for each class, especially if they are in high school. Then your child can prioritize their work - which has the longest due date and which is due in tomorrow?

The Julian Bowen Surfer Study Desk is the perfect product to help store all loose study notes and revision guides, you can also hide away a laptop in the cupboard allowing the top surface to be used as a dressing table; therefore reducing floor clutter.

Julian Bowen Surfer Study Desk

Children may feel like their teacher is their worst enemy at times, for producing so much work, however it is important for them to remember not everyone gets straight A’s so as long as they give it their all then no one else’s opinion should matter.

Whether your child gets sucked in with school work or not it is important for them to stay connected with friends during the holidays, maintaining a friendship outside of school keeps their support system strong and less likely to fracture.

Half-term is one of the best times to tool-up. Throughout the previous term stationary would have got lost, broken or simply just ran out. The best way to tackle what stationary or work books are needed it to obtain a fresh copy of the ‘class supply’ list, having the right tools will make your child feel more than prepared. Although you will be shopping on a budget - especially if you have more than one child - allow for a couple of splurges on things like a cool notebook or pen, a simple gesture can help your child’s positivity when going back to school. A class supply list will also provide an insight into the work ahead; here you can explain any upcoming projects that you think they may need extra help with.

The night before the school term starts it’s important to avoid any last-minute ‘drilling’, when you feel it’s time for your child to start getting ready for bed give them one five minute warning. Instead of constantly mithering them about how tired they’ll end up feeling the next day as this will stress your children out.

A great night's sleep is perfect for helping your child feel refreshed and ready for their long day at school, preventing them from feeling drowsy and unprepared for work that will be coming their way. If you think your child’s cranky old bed and mattress could become an issue, then why not purchase a new one? A bed with a sprung slatted base will provide a healthy sleeping environment for your child along with a flexible foundation to place a mattress.

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