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Keep your little ones entertained over the two week half-term

Posted by Karen Rayner on

The Easter school half-term is a great time for having all your family together, it’s the perfect scenario for any parent. Although it can be a challenge to keep your children continually entertained throughout the day. As I have experienced this issue myself I thought it would be suitable to provide other parents with information regarding all things fun this Easter!

If you aren't planning on going away why not create your own outdoor adventure for your younger children with their outdoor furniture?

Your children can watch out of their playhouse or fort, keeping watch out of windows or breaking free through the front entrance. With some playhouses providing a serving ledge you can even serve them food as they play!

Child Outdoors

For a more relaxing day, a durable outdoor table will get your children outdoors, even if it is simply to eat a meal. A picnic table with a parasol (or even attach an umbrella to the table) will protect your children from the sunlight, especially at the hottest point of the day, during the lovely spring weather! Here is the perfect place to get creative, designing the perfect “Happy Easter” card for all members of the family.

If an Easter Egg Hunt is more of a family tradition, then why not mix it up this year with a few added extras?

An Easter Bonnet parade will get your children in the competitive spirit, providing hours of entertainment! Whilst all crafts to create these bonnets can be purchased at cheaper stockists you can also pick up beautifully Easter themed fluffy toys to crown the winner of your competition as well as preserving your children's teeth!

This year's lighter evenings are fast approaching meaning your two week family fun can last for longer.

Children Jumping

Happy Easter from the team at Childrens Funky Furniture! 

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