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Gonge Floor Surfer

Liberty House

  • £94.99

Great play value whether used in a lying or sitting position the Floor Surfer has been designed with the input of a child physiotherapist to ensure children benefit from a fun sensory experience whilst developing motor skills and balance.

The floor surfer is a great way to encourage the youngest of children to play and enjoy the benefits of exercise. The fact that children can lie down or sit on this versatile roller board makes it even more appealing to children.

Superman or Wonder Woman to the rescue – lying on their tummies and pushing themselves along can be super fun. Or sitting on the floor surfer your child may pretend they are on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin.

Floor Surfer encourages movement through play, and as well as being a fun toy, can also be an important aid to support your child’s vestibular development.

Floor Surfer is a great product for helping in the development of what is known as your child’s vestibular system – an internal sense that controls balance and motion and helps children to remain balanced, feel safe when moving, and develop co-ordination skills – all whilst having fun!

Some children have trouble processing vestibular input – signs of this may include negative reactions to changes in body position or having the head tilted back, lagging behind on milestones, being afraid to crawl, walk or climb upstairs without the help of an adult.

Floor Surfer is designed ergonomically for comfort (raised front and water-resistant foam padding) and safety (protruding corners surround 360-degree rotating wheels and protect the child’s fingers)

Made from child safe durable PP plastic with an EVA foam cushioning to provide comfort.

  • Ages 18 months+
  • Dimensions: H140 x W370 x D560mm
  • Maximum load: 100kg
  • Quality non smudging wheels with double ball bearings in clear PU
  • Typically delivered in 3-5 working days 

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