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Liberty House Toys Sand Pit with Seating and Cover

Liberty House

  • £82.99

Liberty House Toys presents our Sandpit with Seating and Cover ideal for them sunny warm days when can’t make it to the beach. Create your children their oasis in the comfort of your garden. A sandpit is a classic choice for outdoor play and is ideal for your little ones to play and learn.

If you don’t want your children to be submerged in sand, the cover turns into a handy seating area. Ideal for your child to sit and play. Alternatively have lots of friends around as they sit and play together when playtime is over pop the cover over to protect the sand or us as a picnic table.

This children’s sandpit with seating and cover has a black nonwoven baseliner to prevent weeds and allows water drainage. Made from Canadian Hemlock wood which is non-allergenic and a non-toxic wood. As a result, the natural wood looks great in the garden as it blends with the surroundings. The wood is from a socially and environmentally responsible forest and is FSC certified.

Furthermore, this sandpit is ideal for ages 3 years and older. As a result, there are multiple benefits to sand play, from sensory play as your child feels the sand and moulds wet sand. Also, it helps develop both their fine and gross motor skills. As they explore and play, it can help build muscle groups as they dig, pour, sift, scoop and so on.

Unleash their imagination as you watch what they can create in the sand. Could they find dinosaur prints or dig deep to find their remains, will they build castles for their action figures and dolls or make a watering hole in the middle of the desert for all the animals—the hours of exploring and imagining or endless.

Sandpit Dimensions: H1000mm x W970mm x D215mm. Comes with easy to use instructions for simple assemble and has instructions for maintenance care. Sandpit has a pre-treated coating that is a water-based preservative.

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