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Walltastic Fairy Princess Mural


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Walltastic Mural displaying five beautiful princesses dressed in wonderfully colourful dresses, the Walltastic Fairy Princesses.

A great alternative to repeat pattern wallpaper. Easily wipes down, so no worries about sticky fingers. Covers a total area of 10ft x 8ft. As well as the beautiful princesses the background depicts an image of all the princesses stood together in a wonderful room decorated in pink.

Estimated delivery time 3 - 5 days

Each product is in 12 easy-to-use pieces (28" x 48") and is adhered using standard wallpaper paste, or double sided sticky tape. Don't worry if you're not a DIY expert, applying the mural is simple. Just take the 12 pre-cut strips and lay them on a flat surface, then starting with piece number 1 paste the strip with normal wallpaper paste and position in the top left corner of the desired wall, then move across to the right, repeat this for the remaining strips. If required the paper can be cut to fit the desired wall space.

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